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For A Friend

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This is a tribute to a friend that died far to young. He wrote, sang and played bass on this. It was recorded in the mid 80's. He is missed every day. the song is The Next Time I Die

Posted : 02/01/2010 5:27 am
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Thanks for sharing. I listened reverently and respected your loss. :cry:

As for the song, it is a fitting work of art & remembrance. Good.

But for the general populace, I'd do it with a little less emotion? You're fine, but that's IMO as one who has written at least two deceased person's tributes.

Sincerely or truthfully, I think of "Tears in Heaven", how it came out in a matter-of-fact form, and to commercial success.

All the best, use the song as you wish to honor your friend and soothe yourself, as well as a work of art.

I'm sure that everyone appreciates it. Commendations for the worthwhile commemorative creation.

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Posted : 02/01/2010 12:21 pm
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That's about one of the best tunes I have heard in a long time 8) 8) 8) It rocks, has good lyrics and held my attention throughout the song. Nice work.Solid tune :D

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Posted : 03/01/2010 6:30 am
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Like the composition. Nice 80's guitar tone, which doesn't happen too often.

Posted : 04/01/2010 12:01 am