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Freedom (original i...
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Freedom (original instrumental)

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Hey everyone im brand new here because i wanted to check out other guitar forums and check the community that they have to offer so i stumbled across this one on google.

Well here you go heres the link to my youtube video i made of my song :)


also if you like it tell people!

Posted : 05/06/2011 8:27 pm
Alan Green
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I really enjoyed that.

Any chance you could write us a lesson on the techniques you used? David (username: dhodge) is our managing editor - talk it through with him; whilst posts disappear down the listings fairly quick, the lessons stay available on the site. The pay's rubbish (close your eyes, what do you see) but the kudos is pretty decent.

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Posted : 05/06/2011 8:53 pm
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oh yeah id be down for that for sure have him pm me because im not allowed to use that feature yet on this because i just registered but for sure i would love to tutorial this song for everyone

Posted : 05/06/2011 11:10 pm