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Hey guys, check out...
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Hey guys, check out my band!

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(its the one that says "Taylor, I did it right", I am Taylor that he referred to at the very end)
(also "An Extemporized Aria", which means a melody that was "gotten along in a makeshift manner" or also an improvised song)

Hey yall. This is my band kinda. Well its just one song. This was just a jam session to see how eachother play (these are all really good friends of mine). Its only 3 guys, me on guitar, strumphosen (davy) on drums, and Ulrich (aka eric) on bass. Eric is bad at bass but he likes it. I need to teach him a bit before we can gig.

Just a few notes on recording and stuff. It was made up on the spot (as was everything we played that day) and the bassist just tried to keep up. He had a small little amp (like 5 watts or 1 watt or something, we are getting him a real amp soon). It was recorded with a crappy microphone into goldwave. Sorry about the clips and stuff. It was really loud there (drummer plays loud, im getting some earplugs for us all soon to fix it a bit). Enjoy!

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Posted : 12/10/2004 11:48 pm
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That was pretty good. A lot of fun to listen to. Your bass player and drummer are actually pretty good. They keep good time and that's the most important thing.

You guys should stick together. Learn some good easy covers to get you going, and add a few originals of your own. And somebody has to sing. Start singing now or get a singer.

You guys are the next Black Sabbath. 8)

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Posted : 14/10/2004 6:25 pm
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Definately sounds cool, got a Sabbath sound to it. I think if you could find a singer who is a little less ordinary, who would stand out, go with the hard hitting, grinding music, you'd be an awsome band.
Keep it up 8)

Posted : 15/10/2004 10:42 pm
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How is the guitar? The drummer was basically just playing, we clicked so well rhymically. The bassist was following my hand movements and was doing so well (and in time).

I just wondered how you guys think the guitar is? I definately think its too loud on both recordings.

Why can't I write any songs that sound like this? I think (personally) that this stuff sounds awesome. I cannot seem to be able to compose this type of stuff though and refine it.

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Posted : 01/12/2004 5:18 am
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That was pretty cool , I wish i had the tapes we made of my first band jams (that would be on 8-track tape, circa 1972) it sounded very similar as i remember. We were going for the Black Sabath sound, no generation gap here :lol: :lol: Any way, it sounds good, your guitar playing sounds good also, you had that vintage heavy metal sound going on 8) 8) Simons advice is good, get a singer, or sing your self(you can do the singing from what i have heard ). :D --the dog

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Posted : 01/12/2004 3:28 pm
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Nice :) Remind me of my old band, wasnt much of a "band" more of a jam band I guess. Only lasted a few months. But the drummer wasnt to hot but We Played together really good.
Why can't I write any songs that sound like this? I think (personally) that this stuff sounds awesome. I cannot seem to be able to compose this type of stuff though and refine it.

I know what you mean. Ill come up with something for the band Iam in now It just doesnt come out good. But when he just start "freestyling" it We start getting something good goin. But then I always forger what I was playing :(

Posted : 17/12/2004 6:10 am