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Hey Joe

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Hey Dog, where you goin' with that guitar in your hand?! :wink: Nice Jimi tribute. 8) :D


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Posted : 19/08/2007 4:36 pm
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Thanks Dan 8) Hey Joe is my favorite jam song 8) I can even sing it reasonably well :D The backing vox was a tribute to the Jimmy Hendrix Experience 8) I did this with my Squier 51 and my Epi Valve JR.

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Posted : 19/08/2007 4:52 pm
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That's cool, very nice. Who don't like Hey Joe.

Posted : 19/08/2007 11:48 pm
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I'm into Hendrix so this was just up my street. Just don't catch fire to your guitars LOL

Nice one,


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Posted : 25/08/2007 6:51 pm
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Good one Dog,

I like your vocals on this one.

Sounds Great


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Posted : 25/08/2007 7:14 pm
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Awesome Dog

Guitar is full of energy, it always is from you. Seriously sounds scorching hot. Vocals sound great too.

Nice dude.


Posted : 26/08/2007 5:39 am
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Thanks all :D Guitar playing so much fun :lol: Even if you don't know what your doing :lol:

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Posted : 27/08/2007 10:06 pm
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Wow, that is some great guitar playing.

Smoking guitar from smoking dog. You can easily say that you used a vintage telecaster there and few will doubt it. :wink:

Keep bringing more !

Posted : 28/08/2007 6:59 am