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[Sticky] How Long Does It Take To Learn And Play A Song - Week 8

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Hi all

Well - doesn't seem to be much playing improvement from the last video - just haven't got the muscle memory of those finger-picking barre chords, until we meet again....

Rock on!
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I don't know if Dylan wants my help, if he does he can post here and let me know.
I think he has done a good job, working with the tools he has, and by that I mean the essential quality of the technique he has developed. I believe he has taken it as far as he will be able to using the technique he has, and I think he has realized that which is why he decided to end the posts.

It is very important to realize that unless our technique is built on a solid foundation, there is no possibility of doing certain things to a level of perfection. Technique can be compared to a bridge built to bear a heavy load. If you try to drive a 10 ton truck over a bridge that can only handle 5 tons, you will soon be trying to keep your head above water.

When players put certain demands on their technique that it cannot actually bear, they also get that "struggling to keep my head above water" feeling. So, the answer to the question "how long does it take a beginner to master this piece" depends on the piece, and the beginner. For some pieces, it will be "never", in other words, they are not beginner pieces, the beginner must develop a bit beyond the beginner stage.


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It's a great video to a relatively broad question.

If you have a love for singing learn to play guitar and sing at the same time.

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Well I was watching your Norwegian wood and you are playing and singing which I didn't do for quite a while - I think that scares most people who are learning guitar. So good on you

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What a great thread back from the dead!

This is a great concept. Any update on progress all these years later?

Paul B

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