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I'll be dead before...
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I'll be dead before long

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Knives are made to slip 'n slide.

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they sharp
and cut off the ends.
nice blues, man,
up in hollands.

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Very cool acoustic blues Arjen! Good vox too. Wish it was longer. :D


"The only way I know that guarantees no mistakes is not to play and that's simply not an option". David Hodge

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Excellent. Yeah, I wish it was longer also.
Great stuff.

so many places that are hard to see
so many places that aren't
so many places we want to be
so many times we are not

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Such a happy tune :D :D :D
Nice slide guitar! You should do more acoustic music. :D

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You been watching the "Crossroads" film? Sounds like you found the lost song! Very authentic - sounds like one of those blues tunes from way back before electricity was invented.....

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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Did you record this in the 30's
I agree with the others, needs another verse at least.

keep them coming 8)

Be excellent to each other & party on dudes!

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Lay me down gently Yup and your time came to early, too short.


Those who can't dance always blame the band.