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Instrumental acoustic guitar extravaganza released!

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Hello people!

We are two Danish guitarists who have just released an album consisting of 9 instrumental acoustic guitar compositions called "Points of Origin". We would be extremely grateful for someone to give the record a spin, and hopefully it will provide the listener with a great experience. Influences are John McLaughlin, Tommy Emmanuel, Acoustic Guitars, Al Di Meola among many others.


Short bio

With both Michael and Kasper having teamed up with a variety of different musicians throughout their respective years playing music, there had always been a great creative spark whenever they would be in the same room with a couple of guitars. While in an acoustic guitar trio together in 2009, they both found a common joy in writing music for acoustic guitar in their own style and way. The main priority is to create strong and memorable melodies enveloped in layers of harmonies to create a vivid musical experience for the listener. Over the years, more and more of these writing sessions precipitated into even more songs, and 2020 would be the year where the creative efforts of the two emerged as the record ”Points of Origin”. A record the authors hope will express and fuse their many different influences while still preserving it's own touch. Many more musical oddities are flooding their twisted minds, ensuring plenty of fuel for future creative outbursts.

Thank you for your time!

-Kasper Pedersen