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its been a while! ....
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its been a while! ....a long while!! U2 cover :-D

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hello people..I'm Gary

apologies to anyone who hates me for not coming on for ages!!
its been that long that i forgot about the website! :-O
no-one will remember me now haha,i did a cover of "with or without you" after seeing diana on x-factor which i thought was a great here goes ..any feedback what so ever welcome,cheers

"people laugh at me because im different...i pity you..because your all the same"

Posted : 19/10/2008 11:44 am
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Hey I liked that.
Your voice is very pleasant to listen to . . . not forced or strained . . .
modestly controlled and pleasingly in tune.
Good job, Gary.
Welcome back.
I didn't know you to miss you . . . but if I had I would have.


It's the rock that gives the stream its music . . . and the stream that gives the rock its roll.

Posted : 19/10/2008 12:12 pm
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sorry, I don't remember your absence. I do appreciate your song post. nice voice. you sing with feeling. you play with feeling too. on recordings I find that to much feeling on acoustic wreaks havoc on the final volume levels. I know and understand the natural habit of putting the extra emotion behind a strum coupling with the cool verse. unfortunately, in recording, it sounds too loud and takes away from the word(s). I have to temper my playing; tone it down a bit without losing the emotional moment.
happy to hear from you. well done.

Posted : 19/10/2008 2:09 pm
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hey guys thanks for the kind words! its only a rough live recording off a pc mic,but ive purchased a mixer and condenser mic so should be some better recordings coming up soon,but id rather spend the time working on my own songs,thanks for the replies,means a lot :-)


"people laugh at me because im different...i pity you..because your all the same"

Posted : 19/10/2008 2:34 pm
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Very nice acoustic version. Your vocals are very good. 8)


"The only way I know that guarantees no mistakes is not to play and that's simply not an option". David Hodge

Posted : 19/10/2008 7:35 pm
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love this tune and loved your cover - sounds like you were playing in C postion and when you went to the F chord you used Fmaj7 - sounded nice! Thanks for sharing,

Posted : 20/10/2008 6:06 pm
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Gaz? Gaz? That you, Gaz? Hell, it HAS been a while! Where you been? Still in Wigan?

Takes a moment to recover from the shock.....

Hey, nice to hear from you - voice is nice and clear, guitar work's spot on mate. Nice cover!

So how are your own songs doing? We'll have to have a catch-up session on MSN!

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

Posted : 24/10/2008 12:02 am
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I'm not a big U2 fan usually, but I think I prefer this version over the original.

Posted : 24/10/2008 12:13 am
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wow thanks noff,its great to have such good feedback :-D

YES VIC.....i'ts "the" gaz haha,im still in chorley near wigan yeah...unfortunately! i havent really been working on my own stuff really,i wa sin a pretty well known band around the wigan area,but have started a new one up now,more my stlye,yeah deffo catch up on msn mate!

thanks everyone for the kind words :-D :-D

"people laugh at me because im different...i pity you..because your all the same"

Posted : 25/10/2008 10:09 pm