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I've joined the ranks of old farts :(

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I watched an ad on MTV lately pushing one of their programs. I never thought I'd say this at the age of 24 but I really dont get MTV anymore. Or the people who watch it. Here's a little song i wrote about it, I translated the lyrics.
An old fart of 24
I turn on the television
A grown man
Pisses in his pants
The audience goes wild
The camera zooms in
People applaud
His pants are truly wet
And I'm trying
But I don't get it
I just dont get it

Posted : 02/09/2009 5:36 pm
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If it's any consolation, most of the coolest, intelligent and talented people I know are probably also considered old farts. You're in good company! :wink:

Very nice (is that a real saxophone or a programmed one?) and it's great to hear from you again.


Posted : 02/09/2009 6:09 pm
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Heh, thanks David. :) The sax is from Liquid Instruments/Ueberschall. They have their own approach to sampling: instead of using mlisecond-samples and glue them back together they recorded longer phrases, a ton of them, and then teamed up with the guys who made Melodyne (a kind of vocal autotuner). You select the phrases, tempo synch them, select the key and scale and then you can 'dive into' each phrase and change it note-by-note as in Melodyne. I slowed it down 50% to get that breath sounding more 'hollow'. So if it's real or digital: both, modified real performences.

Posted : 02/09/2009 6:16 pm
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nice to see you back on the boards.

one good thing about being an old fart or geezer is that the memories are automactically edited to be sweeter and golden.
I really don't think you are an old fart ; it's just because the pop world has gone down in quality, depth and taste.

Posted : 02/09/2009 7:10 pm
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MT what? :wink:

Yeah, nice to see you again. And listen your songs!

Posted : 02/09/2009 8:13 pm
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I agree...I'm 31 now, and just don't get it.

I will watch some shows though if there is nothing else on, I try to keep up and keep hip, but it started fading away when I realized I had no idea what Emo really mean LOL. But yeah, the only music station that plays music is GAC (great american country) and they tout themselves as being the only music video station that plays music 90% of their day.

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Posted : 03/09/2009 5:23 am
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Glad to see you.


Posted : 03/09/2009 9:44 am
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Hahaha, what a great song.

Don't worry too much about MTV. I'm 23 and I feel the same way, have been feeling that way since about 18.

As one of my favorite philosophers says, "It is no measure of health to be adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

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Posted : 03/09/2009 12:05 pm
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The first time I realized that I was an old fart was the first time I heard the words "I just don't get these kids today" come out of my mouth. And, that was YEARS ago!

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Posted : 03/09/2009 5:37 pm
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"oh sir?....sir? " when I heard that and a young woman was looking directly at me...I felt old age coming on.

and young kids sneak up behind me, push me down, and run away laughing.

I'm old. :lol:

Posted : 03/09/2009 7:02 pm
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I really am an old fart... funny though that I burned out on MTV when I was about 24 too... that was in 1986.



Posted : 03/09/2009 7:13 pm
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While I don't think 31 is really "old" I did get that feeling when a friend of mine told me that she didn't know about using card catalogues, and encyclopedia research.....because she had the internet her entire life and couldn't fathom living a life without online access.

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Posted : 04/09/2009 5:04 am
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Hey fellow old fart...good to hear from you :D
I love that Jazz!!! Excellent Sax. The track sounds just like an 1950's recording..down to the tape hiss 8) Miles Davis is smiling in heaven tonight :note1: :note2: Hot Damn thats good :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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Posted : 06/09/2009 3:57 am
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Umhh . . . you've got about 3 more decades to go before being considered an old fart . . .
and then you have to be cranky and sarcastic . . . and then . . . you have to be certified.
It's a lengthy process . . . not everyone makes it.
But, with that song, you're off to a good start . . . that has to have the lowest bpm I've heard in decades . . .
any lower and it might have to be defibrillated . . . CLEAR!

Good to hear from you again. Next time I need my blood pressure to go down, I'll listen to that again.

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Posted : 06/09/2009 8:46 am
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Hell Arjen has been cranky and sarcastic since we have known him! (I think he was 16) :lol:
We certified him long ago :wink:

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Posted : 06/09/2009 9:12 am
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