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Lagrima - Brennan M...
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Lagrima - Brennan McMahon - Classical Guitar

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Heres my first recording of Lagrima, an old Classical Guitar piece .

Gear Used:
- MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with shockmount
- Line 6 Toneport UX2(XLR Input 1) and + 48v Gain Knob at 65%
- Mixcraft 2.5
- Used POD farm with just the Power amp effect, the Increase Gain options and
the Noise reduction effect.
- Using White Dunlop Thumb Pick and Have long filed down nails.


Have a Great Day Dudes

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I played that for my Grade 5. Takes me back.

As you're using a thumb pick the bass is quite strong and in danger of overpowering the melody. Try mixing the technique - my tutor at Grade 7 had me play the melody using rest stroke to project the sound at the same time as using free stroke for the bass notes.

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