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Lawman Blues *Paren...
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Lawman Blues *Parental Advisory*

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*Parental Advisory*

Did you ever get mad at the police?
Did they take your Dope?
Take your Gun?
Take your Car?
Throw you in Jail?

It's happened to me and it sucks, it can give you a bad case of the blues.

But what are ya gonna do?
I made a song about it. It's just my tele and vocals overdubbed, no drums/bass.
Then remixed it into something a bit different.

It's got some 4 letter words in it so you've been warned.

Listen to Lawman blues if you want to hear it.

Let me know what you think, good or bad, don't be shy.
Give it a listen.

Posted : 31/05/2005 4:58 am
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Hmmm? You are a wild man!! :D :D I Think theres a good song there, but the mix is hard to hear. I really loved "Hail the Spoon" :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: " The fork is evil. The knife is evil too" hahahahahahaha--Kinda reminds me of a demented Arther Brown meets alice cooper--the dog

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Posted : 01/06/2005 4:44 am
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Actually "Hail the Spoon" is an old song that i wrote called "eat my cock" but some weird cult that worships spoons or fences or something made me change the lyrics. They don't like knives or forks, apparently.

I am dissapointed about the lack of feedback I am getting for "Lawman Blues". C'mon people. Tell me what you think, goods, bad, ugly whatever. I know alot of people are listening to it/downloading it because it went up to #16 on soundclick charts.

No feedback? What gives?

Posted : 07/06/2005 9:29 am