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Leavin Here, by The...
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Leavin Here, by The Hammer Daddies

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Here's a Tinsley Ellis tune we cut to demo to help us get gigs. Input welcome.

Posted : 04/07/2009 7:03 pm
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FYI, that may be Tinsley Ellis' version, but it's not his song. It was originally done by Eddie Holland for Motown.

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Posted : 06/07/2009 6:11 pm
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Nice! Clean! This really rocks!! :twisted: :twisted:

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Posted : 08/07/2009 4:04 am
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Thanks. Yeah, it's very clean, so much so that I couldn't hide my clams. Oh well.

Posted : 08/07/2009 8:57 pm
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Very tight, rockin', superbly executed by everyone, with nice clean vocals and pitch, inflection, all that. Dig the drums and git solos too, plus the basic riff throughout. Got a B3 in there, wow, right on! Likin' the bass too. Hope I didn't leave anyone out. :lol:

The Hammer Daddies nail it. 8)

It should be a great demo to help reel in gigs. :D

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Posted : 08/07/2009 10:40 pm
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Thanks for the feedback. We need all the encouragement we can get!

Posted : 08/07/2009 10:46 pm