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Me the last two yea...
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Me the last two years

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Hello again everyone. Long time, no see. If anyone is confused about who I am my username used to be Izabella and my avatar was "buddy christ" from Dogma. I spent a lot of time on this website when I was a beginner/early intermediate player in high school (I'm now 24). I don't know most of you all these days but I used to know many of you. I learned so much from being on this site and I truly felt a part of a supportive community here. Even if I never met any of you in person I did get the chance to hear and see what everyone else was going through with their playing and I got to share what I was going through and thereby grow. I just wanted to come back on here and share some of my progress.
I'm not a full-time musician like I used to want to be but I'm happy with where I'm at. I have seen a good deal of disappointment with bands with the past band I was in getting to the point of being ready to record and then breaking up just before we could and with other bands never really fleshing out. But I am currently in a pretty sweet outfit and we are recording a 4-song EP early January. Anyways here's some stuff from my last bands that I thought I'd share so the community could see how one of it's members has grown. Though I may not spend time on here anymore I still consider myself one of y'all.

This band was called Lowas and we were two weeks from recording 7 tracks in a studio when we broke up. I was very upset about it and stopped playing for a good three months and got in a good little funk. I loved the music though and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I wrote the base (not bass :P) of these songs but only was able to flesh them out with the help of the band. This stuff was all recorded on a stereo recorder at our last show and it was the last time we played together.

This was a personal project that I did with a friend after Lowas. My buddy was in an audio recording class at the nearest community college and needed someone to record. I had a few things I was working on after I came out of my three month funk and we put this together over two sessions in the college studio. Many parts of this were written as I played them and you can tell sometimes. The drummer had never heard these before we got in the studio so I recorded scratch tracks for the structure, he practiced to those, then we recorded the final drums and I went over everything for final takes. These are higher fidelity being in-studio but there is some playing with feedback and stuff so if you don't like that then boohickey.

Once my new group is finished with our EP I'll be back to put that up as well. Thanks for listening. :)

Lyrics can be read here

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I'll check the links out later, Taylor/Izzy.....good to see you're still playing the music, though! I wish you all the best with your recordings, and look forward to hearing them in the future. Rock ON, mate!!!

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"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)