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modern Jazz piece I...
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modern Jazz piece I wrote--Matt makaha

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Here's a new modern jazz piece I wrote:

What you guyz thinkz?

Here's the chords to the song if you would like to try improvising over it--
Section A:

DbM7b5 DbmM7 DbM7b5 DbmM7

DbM7b5 DbmM7 DbM7b5 DbmM7

Section B:

DM7#5 DmM7 DM7#5 EbM7/D

DM7#5 DmM7 DM7#5 EbM7/D

Section C:

FmM9 Bb13b5 CM9/A Bbm7 B13

EM7/B FM7b5/B F#sus4/B AMaj13 Ebm11/Ab Ab7#5

Fastest guitar player??
Wow! That's me!

Posted : 29/05/2013 6:49 am