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My New Acoustic Ban...
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My New Acoustic Band

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Here are some demo recordings I made last month with my new "band" that consists of myself on electric guitar, my wife on bass, and our friend on conga drums. It's sort of a different take on the "unplugged" sound, and I've been really enjoying the sound so far. Much lower volume than some of my previous projects, so we can (gasp) play at home, at night! and also play a lot of varied material.

Let me know what you think, both of the group's sound, and of the recording quality. This was recorded direct to stereo on a PC, etc. I think I used too much compression, so that will be something to work on.

Suggestions for new songs to learn are also very welcome.
Amie (Pure Prarie League)
Layla (Clapton Unplugged Style)
Rodeo Clowns (Jack Johnson)
No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature (Guess Who)


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Good stuff!

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