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My new R&B band...
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My new R&B band (VIDEO) Cute singer! ;)

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Hi people. This is a clip I recently recorded with my new band. I know that about 95% of the sights will be to check the chick but hey, what do you think about the music?

Thanks for watching. Take care!

Posted : 12/06/2011 4:19 pm
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Really good! Everyone's tight, and professional, and then some - there's added rhythm and a twist of excitement and uniqueness.

I can see your classical or flamenco training, and then you apply it to Carl Perkins or Chet Atkins type stuff, only better, because you make it contemporary, and a fusion of jazz and the blues. Way to go, nicely done, and again unique and pro!

The talent, the application, the looks, the sound it's all there, very, very good and way over the top - it's entertaining and commercial or marketable. I think you should pitch yourselves to Randy Bachman. Good luck, I wish you all the success! :D

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Posted : 14/06/2011 2:05 am