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Old GN forum member releases record(s)

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Hey guys, anyone remember me? I used to go by Izabella on here a long time ago. I don't remember it that well it was so long ago. But my first post was in 2004 and I remained active for a good few years... anyways, hi again!

I learned so much from chatting on this forum with lots of like minded folk to talk gear, tunes, technique, and theory with. I would say it was a formative experience in my journey to learn the guitar. I loved this place.
The time since has seen me forming several bands, none of which felt totally satisfying. Until about three years ago when my old guitarist friend and I formed the band Leatherdaddy here in Seattle. We released a three song EP shortly thereafter and eventually toured the west coast on that record. Shortly after the tour we recorded two songs in my home. That was a year and a half ago. The beginning of last winter we signed to local label Good To Die Records and changed our name to Merso. I love this band!

This is the eventual result of that home recording session. We released it today online and are making cassettes to be released March 22nd. I am quite proud of the songs (I sing on the second) and would very much like to share them with old friends here on GN. Let me know if any of you all are out there :) Thanks for checking it out.

We are donating all the proceeds from the EP to the Bernie Sanders campaign cuz he's legit. What a time to be alive!

aka Izabella