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Radiohead - Fog / B...
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Radiohead - Fog / Beck - Truck Drivin' Neighbors Downstairs

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This is a cover of a kind of rare Radiohead B-Side. I have always really loved this song, and I really enjoy singing it. I think the vocals came out really good on this one, tell me what you think.

I also did a cover of an old Beck tune, Truck Drivin' Neighbors Downstairs. This one is sparse, just guitar and vocals.

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Two you're pushing it.
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You bastard! Nobody knows more Radiohead songs then I do, where the heck did you get this from? I assume it's a B-side from their earlier, guitar-driven, period? You don't really sing like Thom but for some reason it fits just as well. I'm really not at all familiar with Beck ( ) but this sounds good as well, love the sound of that wailing guitar, tastefully done! You're either a great musician or very much able to pick the right songs to cover. My guess is 'both', for now. Great job as usual!