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Rude Awakening's first demo tape (a little rough)

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okay, so by the time we got done recording this it was about 3:30am in the the playing, consequently, is a bit rough at times. this is only half the song, just giving you all a taste of our sound.

the Black Widows and The Broken Strings have joined together to make a 4 man crew. Here is the lineup at this moment.

mike lafountain-lead vocals, guitar
matt shiffert-backup vocals, guitar
derek wilkerson (me)-backup/occaisional lead vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, synth, mandolin.. (i play various things depending on the songs musical style)
tyler kouts-percussion

amps used (im just going to mention brand names and wattage, general info..)

mike- marshall MG-215R CD 15 watt solid state 2 10 inch speakers i believe..
matt- marshall MG-15MS R Zakk Wylde edition double mini stack 15 watts solid state
me- an 87' Randall RB-125-115 120 watt solid state bass amp, with 15" eminence speaker
tyler- SP percussion.. i dont know drum equipment very well, so dont ask me for inches of everything.. but 2 bass drums, 2 floor toms, 3 toms, 2 crashes, 1 hi hat, a china, a splash, and various other auxillary percussion..

here's the video, windows media kinda trashed the audio, but oh well, you get the basic idea. this is not our traditional sound..we are a hard rock/metal band. this was just a fun project we did. the cymbal used in this video was the only one we had on hand at the time, and was from someone else's crappy set. this song will be completely finish by this saturday.


bassist for the crux
Randall RB-125-115 120 watt 15" eminence spk.
Randall RBA 500
2X Acoustic B115's
Peavey T-40
Indiana P-bass

Posted : 05/04/2011 1:19 am