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Sawyer (New Song)
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Sawyer (New Song)

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Hey guys. Well, I met this beautiful girl a few weeks ago and she has been the highlight of my life since. I sat down at my piano, and this song just started coming out of my fingers. It is totally inspired by the way she makes me feel, and therefore I give it the same name she has, - Sawyer.

It isn't as "metal" as most of my stuff, so I'd like some opinions on it please! It will be on my new CD, "No Pain No Gain" coming out in September.

Thanks guys !!!

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Posted : 18/07/2009 4:08 pm
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Ah, love…

I normally wouldn't comment on your music because I'm not a metal fan and can't give it a fair listen. But I liked this a lot. However, I have to confess that I'm probably more in your parents' age group than yours, so maybe this won't appeal to your usual audience.


Posted : 18/07/2009 6:10 pm
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Ah hormones, good luck love is a many splendid thing and Sawyer looks great apart from having a lovely name.

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Posted : 22/07/2009 4:25 pm
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Nice composition! sounds great!

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Posted : 23/07/2009 2:25 am
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Sounds lovely :) I do like it. The guitar solo fits perfect - good job man!

Posted : 26/07/2009 6:33 pm
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Thanks guys! Simple but I think its relaxing.

Sing Me A Song Your a Singer, Do me a wrong, your a bringer of evil. - Dio

Posted : 28/07/2009 9:06 pm
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it is a nice composition, and some exellent guitar playing in the background!

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Posted : 29/07/2009 8:32 pm