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Semi Detached Suburban Mr James

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This is my attempt at covering The Shadows cover of Manfred Manns Semi Detached Suburban Mr James. Its not a live recording like I normally do, and to be honest I'm struggling not to make at least one slip up when I'm playing through it. So basically I've played along on the video to my own recording. Its the first time I've shown my face as well on a video and I didn't know where to look so I didn't look at all . I've struggled with syncing the sound to the video, the close up shots where proving very difficult to sync and I've ended up settling for how they are.

Its quite a tricky track for me and one of the problems was trying to get an even volume through the tune. I found I was hitting the strings very hard on the double stops so I used the pick I would usually use for strumming to try and calm my attack slightly.

Posted : 03/06/2011 1:14 pm