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Sick and recording....
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Sick and recording. Not good.

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I've got something really rough posted. Have a listen please but be kind I was sick and It's a bit of an embarassment.. My voice is cracking all over the place and my playing is just sub par. The recording sounds like it was done in a tin can. Ahh! I hate it but I posted it. I guess so that you can all laugh and make fun of me. I don't know.


Posted : 27/09/2004 2:13 am
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C'mon Hueseph, this is pretty good stuff -- no excuses necessary. Minor imperfections just make it sound more real and heartfelt. I loathe tossing out comparisons, but they inevitably spring to mind ... this sounds very much like what I'd expect in a solo club performance by Duncan Sheik.

Very nicely done and musically interesting, as well. It's a keeper.


-=tension & release=-

Posted : 27/09/2004 7:48 pm
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awesome hueseph, you're far to hard on yourself, although I suppose thats a good thing sometimes.

Great guitar playing, first off. Beautiful stuff.

As for your voice, I didn't notice any cracking or nasalnase, it sounded good, and perfect for the song. The vocals were excellent.

Great lyrics as well.

Nice job man.

Posted : 27/09/2004 11:28 pm