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"Sleepwalk" - Gretsch solo (VIDEO)

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Hi there, forumites. This is a video i just recorded with my Gretsch. The song is "Sleepwalk", an old tune covered by Brian Setzer, whose version I tried to imitate. Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted : 18/03/2010 6:32 pm
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just about the most awesome song ever composed in my opinion. love your guitar and amp, the settings, and your playing. makes me want to break out my steel and solo.
Santo and Johnny do it best, but we cannot stop for playing.

Posted : 19/03/2010 10:43 am
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very nice - a real joy to watch!

"I like to play that guitar. I have to stare at it while I'm playing it because I'm not very good at playing it."
Noel Gallagher (who took the words right out of my mouth)

Posted : 19/03/2010 4:18 pm
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Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment. Cheers!

Posted : 10/07/2010 7:25 pm
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Nice job....enjoyed listening & watching!

Posted : 10/07/2010 11:07 pm
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