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Some jazzy fingerst...
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Some jazzy fingerstyle

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Hello all. Was bored and a little buzzed so I decided to throw this one out.

Posted : 08/04/2016 6:24 pm
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That's really good. I teach a solo guitar version of Summertime; it's one of those songs that everyone likes.

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Posted : 08/04/2016 6:53 pm
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Yes and the form of the song is so open that there's alot of room for reharmonization. Thank you

Posted : 09/04/2016 2:13 pm
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Great arrangement and playing. :note1: :note2:

Posted : 10/04/2016 2:14 pm
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Thank you. The arrangement was not mine. It was based on something I heard quite a while back but can't remember where or by whom to give proper credit:(

Posted : 13/04/2016 6:23 am