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The Correct Technique

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Hi, I've been playing guitar now for a few years, and although I am comfortable with the way that I play, I've never considered my technique as I've never really needed to, since I'm self taught. It might be too late now to change but I wanted expert opinion on whether I'm playing correctly. My youtube channel with 2 uploads is with my sig.

All the gear, but no idea.

Posted : 14/09/2011 1:21 am
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is that you playing Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd?
there is nothing wrong that I can hear or see.
you need to start playing with others. it is a lot different
than playing alone.

Posted : 14/09/2011 11:19 pm
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yeah it is. And cool, thanks for answering. I'm in a band at the moment, so i'll be getting experience in that aspect. Thanks :)

All the gear, but no idea.

Posted : 15/09/2011 9:38 pm
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it's never too late to change technique - it just becomes harder or takes longer.

Doing what feels natural goes a long way. You should see the angle of my pick - it's terrible - but I can play pretty well anyway :D

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Posted : 26/11/2011 4:40 pm
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if there's a sound that you're trying to make that you can't make now because of the way you play, then work on doing what you have to to make that sound. if something hurts, don't do that. other than that, technique isn't much. some people swear by the classical footstool stance. some people play with it low, and while it's rough on your fretting hand if you're trying to do some stuff, it's actually pretty useful for certain strumming styles. i prefer folk style sitting with an acoustic or standing with an electric with the neck at about a 30-45 degree angle and the body on my hip n stomach. i also play a lot lying down or one handed while i type. there's no one way to play.

Posted : 27/11/2011 3:51 am