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Where should I go w...
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Where should I go without my pants?

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Waar moet ik heen zonder broek?
Laatst kwam ik erachter
Dat ik in omvang
Was toegenomen

Ik kan mijn broek niet aan
De knopen gaan niet vast
Ik ben te dik
Mijn broek moet aan
Maar ik weet niet meer hoe
Mijn buik is al veel te groot

Ik kan de straat niet op
Zo zonder broek
Zonder broek is het geen gezicht
Waar moet ik heen nu zonder broek
Want mijn knopen gaan niet vast
De knopen van mijn broekje gaan niet vast

where should I go without my pants?
Recently I discovered
That my physical size
Had increased

I can't get in my pants
The buttons wont close
I'm too fat
I've got to get my pants on
But I can't remember how
My stomach is much too large

I can't walk the streets
Without pants
It looks stupid without pants
Where should I go without pants
Because I can't close the buttons
The buttons of my pants wont close

Posted : 10/08/2007 8:30 am
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I like it.. nice groove.

I was expecting something more Zappaesque due to the title, but cool nonetheless :)

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Posted : 10/08/2007 8:49 am
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good song. i like the bass...

Posted : 10/08/2007 10:16 am
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groovin, your electric guitar skills are getting better.

"And above all, respond to all questions regarding a given song's tonal orientation in the following manner: Hell, it don't matter just kick it off!"
-Chris Thile

Posted : 10/08/2007 10:00 pm
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this is ear candy. very nice recording and playing.
your guitar is tasty. great notes and tone.

Posted : 11/08/2007 4:37 pm