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Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good (+singing)

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Okay - so I'm still struggling with the singing (though I'm slightly more comfortable with this than the grungy screaming!), chord changes (particularly barres and E7 :evil: ) etc.

Just something a bit different.

(Someone else has to post on here before I move in for good!).

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Sounded really good! Singing and guitar were both great, I've never heard the song before, so nothing really stuck out at me....GREAT JOB!!!!

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that sounded great 8)

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You're very good. The guitar was flawless and rhythm is excellent, so right on! Did you have a percussionist or some shakers there - such as those shaker eggs, a snare or maracas? There is always potential in our singing if we do it our way and are comfortable, experiment some and get a feel for what we like and are relaxed and happy with. :D Yep, be yourself.

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