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Hole - Northern Star (+singing)  


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23/05/2010 12:59 pm  

Some of you know how terrified I am of singing. I don't like my voice, I always sing out of tune etc. But for your ears only, here's me singing Hole's Northern Star :mrgreen:

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23/05/2010 3:04 pm  

Thank you! I listened to 2 minutes because it is such a long song. But I liked what I heard.

I think you have a good voice, and a really nice instrument in your vocal chords, or larynx.

You could play and sing that anywhere, before any crowd, except ballroom dancers. :lol:

I'm no pro, but have had my share of outings. You could add interest and inflection, and push a little with the diaphragm so that on the rare occasion, you don't run out of breath or have the last bit of a phrase drop off. Fill your lungs a tiny bit more, just a tad. You're good, so show that you enjoy it too! 8)

It is good, and your rendition is very interesting. I'm all pumped up on people's performances because I just came from 2 nights' of Teen Idol or a High School Idol competition - I wasn't in it, Heaven forbid, I am 40 years' too old. :roll:

Keep at it, there's no reason to dislike your voice. Being terrified of singing is kind of normal, but don't hold back.

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