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Hole - Northern Star (+singing)

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Some of you know how terrified I am of singing. I don't like my voice, I always sing out of tune etc. But for your ears only, here's me singing Hole's Northern Star

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Thank you! I listened to 2 minutes because it is such a long song. But I liked what I heard.

I think you have a good voice, and a really nice instrument in your vocal chords, or larynx.

You could play and sing that anywhere, before any crowd, except ballroom dancers.

I'm no pro, but have had my share of outings. You could add interest and inflection, and push a little with the diaphragm so that on the rare occasion, you don't run out of breath or have the last bit of a phrase drop off. Fill your lungs a tiny bit more, just a tad. You're good, so show that you enjoy it too! 8)

It is good, and your rendition is very interesting. I'm all pumped up on people's performances because I just came from 2 nights' of Teen Idol or a High School Idol competition - I wasn't in it, Heaven forbid, I am 40 years' too old.

Keep at it, there's no reason to dislike your voice. Being terrified of singing is kind of normal, but don't hold back.

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