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I was listening to Miles Davis  


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09/09/2010 12:41 am  

Bitches Brew & I gotta say, it put a hurt on my ears.......that was just plain a surprise & awful.

Bill Frissell's new album was not good at all either.

I guess I can say, I don't care for that style of music.......ever.

Give me the blues...

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09/11/2010 7:23 am  

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25/03/2011 4:43 pm  

Aint nothing ever wrong with that...every once in a while Ill listen to some Herbie Hancock or some John Coltrane.

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06/11/2012 8:46 pm  

Were you listening to B*tches Brew?

That is a weird one...... try - "Kind of blue" - much easier album to listen to.

together we stand, divided we fall..........

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06/11/2012 11:58 pm  

Thanks fleaaaa....I'll keep an eye open..


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