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Exp and Mesos is based on contribution, and isn't reset if the character dies while combating it. Maximum EXP and Mesos are derived from the zone degree, so it is supposed that higher level characters will lurk around higher level zones to defeat these bosses. If I was in control of the Maplestory forums, I wouldn't want to reply to some of these posts . Now I am not saying this is the way they see it. If you think about buy Maple M Mesos, its very similar, if not the same, as with reports. Its not as straightforward as reading and replying with"Of course we'll do that!"

They not only have to read each one of the replies, but they must consider each opinion on it, predict how it can affect the community along with the game, and if it's going to also work. After that, they also need to affirm how much time and money it takes and if the purchase price is worth the benefit.

In the end, then if the post is still even busy, then they can reply with a definite answer, otherwise you're left with volenteers giving their very own oppinions and telling you that it is being considered. But I think if reboot does become like the other servers, where plenty are bored and feeling stagnant, then even though some will return to regular servers lots of others will again quit... again these are just my opinions and nothing ground breaking or radical.

"NexonNA doesn't care about their players, only about their revenue." Basically I needed to point out that the only way we can guarantee that this statement is accurate, is by understanding every single detail concerning Nexon, and not a great deal of folks do, maybe like 5?

You will find things like how they fix bugs, their update notes, and how often they respond in the forums that could give us a foundation, however none of them actually prove that they do"nothing for us players". I haven't experienced myself, so I am going off of everything I have observed in the forums about how it's been working as of recent.

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