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Annoying guitar noi...
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Annoying guitar noise when recording.

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Hey guys, the problem i have is when i plug my guitar(Taylor 214CE) in to my audio interface(Roland Edirol-UA 25), and record, it produces this annoying sharp noise(like when i strum, my fingernails hit the strings kinda sound but only ampliflied several times over), ive tried adjusting the preamps on my guitar already, like minimising the treble, boosting the bass etc, but it still makes that sound though less sharp...someone told me to use a noise limiter or use the graphic EQ in Garageband(the software that im using) but it doesnt help much? do i have a bad interface, PLEASE HELP! pretty desperate here. :( thanks in advance.


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Does it sound similar out of an amp or does it sound normal?

Does your audio interface have a "clipping" LED? Is it flashing when you play?

Also, try a different DAW instead of garageband to see if it's some setting or effect you've accidentally turned on. Check the treble too, maybe it's too high.

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Can you upload a recording?

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I am wondering if it is technique. string noise from the fingers sliding along the strings is unpleasant unplugged. when amplified it can become super harsh. if EQing does not help. then change the setting on the guitar. when I record my electric acoustic I find that piezo pickup under the bridge tends to exaggerate any physical touching on the guitar body and strings.
I move the slider away from the piezo and use more of the internal mic.
I am fortunate, my Martin has a Fishman system with a blender slide. I can set which internal mic with that slider.
piezos makes great for more percussive style. the internal mic sometimes emphasizes the bass boom. so I blend the two.

when I was a new guitar player string noise was always a problem. I have improved mu technique and that harsh noise is gone.