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Asio Settings vs Gu...
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Asio Settings vs Guitar Rig vs USB Cable Vs USB port

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The damndest thing happen to me lastnight. I'm just strumming along with my guitar plugged into my computers but this time I didn't direct plug it in I went thru a USB port. It ditched all my PC sound from the sound card output. I got into my settings and it honelsty said BEYOND LOGIC lol on my settings in Sound Card output. HAHAH I didn't think it was possible for a PC to go beyond logic but it did. The little buttons were bright yellow. I took the cheap usb port away and plugged straight back into the computer, reset the settings on the Asio and all was fine.

To the point - I blame the cheap usb port and probably the fact it didn't have the power to power the USB guitar cable sound chip. Anyone had this problem and is there a USB port I can buy that will have substancial power