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I need to find some bagpipe loops, and ive looked at over 15 sites, so i decided to ask somebody instead of waste my homework time. Please Help!

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just random bagpipe sounds or user generated?


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Essential studio gadget, a set of bagpipes. Don't leave home without them.

A :-)

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haha. I searched for bagpipe samples w/o luck,
bagpipes are cool. a friend I jam with has a set. Scottish. they are smaller than the ones we all have seen.
he is tuned to A. awesome jams.

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The World Music Jam Pack for Garage Band has bagpipe loops and the samples for playing them.

You can hear them in the "Shetland" sample available on that page.

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Zero-G has a celtic sample set:

Although, to be honest, I don't know that will ever find a realistic sample ... the overtones and drones on pipes just never end . . . whatever note you played to start the song is probably still playing at the end of the tune . . . and a sample just isn't going to capture that very well . . .

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