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BOSS BR600 - Multit...
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BOSS BR600 - Multitrack recorder...

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got one of these the other day, sweet peice of gear for the money. what do u all think?

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hate to say it but my appreciation of this has gone out the window!

one month in... the scroll wheel malfunctions (actually... make that BREAKS) ... 3 months later it isnt fixed...

good features... pitty about the build quality...

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I personally think that you get way more functionality out of a good interface and recording software. Recording software can be cheap to free. And, yes, I do mean legal and free. When you try to cram a ton of features into a cheap little package, you have to cut corners somewhere.

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I have one, and I love it for what it is -- a portable battery operated recorder.

It's much easier to carry that around that to carry around a laptop, interface, etc.

But for in-studio use, I have an interface.

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I have the Boss Micro BR which is very good at what it does - 4-track digital recorder with amp modelling and built-in rhythms. Getting the songs off it and onto a PC looks like it's going to be the hardest part of working with it.

I also have the Tascam 414MKII 4-track which uses ordinary cassettes. Nice piece of kit but now a little dated so I use it more as a mixer than anything else.

I've also got the Tascam 2488 - a 24-track hard drive recorder with CD burner. It's a lot more intuitive to work with than the older Tascam tape models, and I did my first mp3 export from it last night which was simplicity itself.

I did think about the Boss kit when I was looking for the Tascam. It looks very impressive. It was a close decision but I'd never had any real problems with the older Tascam so I stayed with them.


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boss br 1600 16 tracks 8 hook ups at once.