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Can you recommend a bass plugin that sounds like this?

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Please review the song(s) listed below.
I would like to know if there are any bass plugins that can produce (or at least sufficiently approximate) the same type of bass sound heard in the song(s) below.

Also, if there are any effects needed, please let me know as well.

The songs are from a CD on Please scroll to the bottom to see
the track listings.

I'm interested in the bass in the following songs:
Disc 2, number 12
Disc 2, number 11


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That's almost like a reggae/dub type bass. Just play close to the neck and put a low pass on it. I have a friend that plays bass and engineers for a reggae band ( ) and I was surprised at how much high frequencies he cuts from the sound...basically you don't wanna hear any attack in the sound.

Oh, and you have to be careful with the low end and not overdo it. Check it on a nice subwoofer or decent car system to be sure.


Death and the Maiden - Guitars Playing String Quartets

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Trilogy can do that easily.