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extremely quiet mike

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i have a microphone that was working fine on a previous computer, but then i got a new one and now it's recording really quiet. i was using audacity for both. on the previous comp i had the mic input set to like 0.3 and that was fine, now 1.0 isn't cutting it. any ideas how to fix?

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At the risk of sounding like a jerk...

You need a better sound card.
Maybe the one from the old computer.

I'll guess that if your new computer was not built with recording in mind, then the sound is built into the motherboard. The audio input on those often appears to be an afterthought, and sounds terrible.

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Its true, my dells integrated sound card was horrible.

I bought a SoundBlaster Audigy, which is a year or two old at the local computer store on clearance, and its great :)

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