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Got My Recording Set-up Working Now

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I've been having some problems recording. I've been using a Blue Snowball USB mic into the PC and Audacity as the software. I have had to record everything through it. Not much use for clean, noise free efforts. Also had to have everything set at the right volumes so that I could sing and play at the same time. Pretty limited.

I play through a Boss GT-10 Multi-effects board in my computer room (or office, whatever), but I have not been able to plug it directly into the PC with any success other than some very muffled guitar sound. So this afternoon I got the bright idea to go back to the basics. I ditched the GT-10 to USB and the GT-10's Digital Out to the PC Digital In options and went GT-10 mic-out into the standard mic-in input jack. Changed the device in Audacity to that jack and it all works great. On top of that, I can still have the Snowball mic plugged into the USB port on the same input and switch between it and the standard jack. I can now do separate vocals, guitar tracks, etc.

As an added bonus, I can still output the GT-10 through my Amp and get sound even though the mic cable is plugged in. So, I can hear what I'm recording. I can overdub my lead tracks using this method, listening to my rhythm track through the PC speakers and the guitar I'm playing through my amp. Way cool. Gotta love it when things work as they should, and even more when you get an unexpected little piece of functionality.

And one more great bit, is that I can up the output of the GT-10 to the PC on some distorion/gain/fuzz settings, but still able to leave the amp way down low. I can play and record some harder stuff. The recording has the guitar and GT-10 at it's high-gain splendor, but the playback can be low enough where it doesn't bother me....if that makes sense. (works a ton better than just having the amp turned down low. I don't lose the sustain, screaming, etc.

Oh well, just thought I'd share.

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Good deal. I'm going to have to start thinking about going the computer route for recording myself. I'm not getting to far with the 4 track, but I'll be honest I haven't done much with it. Too busy with work and other stuff.

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