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GUitar in a car?
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GUitar in a car?

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I was thiknking about creating a way to hook a guitar to a car stereo with aux inputs. What do you think will happen. Will the sound be proper enough if I used a preamp (vamp2)


Thank you.

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I'd be careful. If it's a nice car, or nice stereo, you might want to watch out. I don't know if the speakers are meant for the distortion of an electric guitar.

I'm just curious as to why you would want to do this? It seems like a waste, you'd probably get mediocre sound at best, you run the risk of damaging something, and you'll drain your cars battery?

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I really tried, but I couldn't resist: Do not attempt to play while driving. :lol:

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But you can drive around the hood and spread the beauty of electric church music.

John Mayer used to do this, I was with him.