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I've recently been looking around at multiprocessors and I lke what I see in the Digitech GNX4. The ability to record, loop, add drums, etc with a touch of the toes is extremely important to me. I currently record and manipulat my sounds through my PC, but I have to put the guitar down too often and end up losing my momentum.

Problem is that the GNX4 has been discontinued. Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar unit? My understanding is that the GNX4 is a very unique and very robust piece of equipment. I can't tell if there is anything else out there currently available as a new product that would be a natural alternative.

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How about E-bay, and the second user market?

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Doing a quick search i've found several places that still sell them and have them in stock. If it is the unit you want, but it.

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I know this is a late reply but what the heck. The other option is to move it all into the computer. Get some good recording software (it sounds like you may already have this) and then use a MIDI foot controller to send commands to the software. You will likely need to program the foot controller and probably the editing software so that they can "speak" to each other. There is a limit to how much you can do with your feet as well since there are only so many switches on the MIDI controller (mine has 10 switches and two continuous controllers).

I do something like this with a Mac, Logic Pro, and an FCB1010 MIDI foot controller. I can use the computer as a big fancy looper or backing track machine controlled only by foot pedals. I don't have it set up so that I can create drum tracks by foot but instead have sets of backing tracks with drums, bass, whatever, already built (some I got already recorded and some I built myself) and available to switch between by foot. With this setup I also feed my raw guitar signal into the computer and have it run through Logic Pro's guitar modeling software. I can add rhythm guitar to existing tracks and then play lead over it. I can also save my loops for later playback. These are all recorded at as high a quality as my interface can handle if I want (24bit 96kHz).

I'll warn you that it is quite a bit of futzing with everything to get it working right. If all you want is simple backing tracks then I would suggest looking at a good looper pedal. The new Digitech JamMan's are nice and there is some good software to work with your computer to setup, catalog, and control the loops. You can download existing MP3s to the looper to play over.

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