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Hand Held Recorders

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Hi Guys,

My son has just gone off to uni and taken his Toneport with him so I'm looking for a replacement recording device.I really only ever used the Toneport for recording acoustic guitar and vocals with a condenser mic.Although I got great results by recording this way it was a bit of a pain getting set up every time I wanted to record.Therefore I have been looking at handheld recorders such as the Zoom H4 etc.

If anybody has one of these or a similar device I would really appreciate your thoughts.I just want to be able to pick up my guitar and record.I don't want to sacrifice too much on the quality though!



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Funny you should ask. I recently heard an H4 for the first time when I went over this guys house that tapes his band practices with it.

The sound was amazing especially played back through his PA.

I immediately went out (on gnease's)recommendation and bought an H2 ($139 vs H4 $299) and just tried it for the first time Friday and was totally pleased with the reults even though I had none of the settings set correctly. I expect tomorrow's opractice to sound even better.

For what you want it for I would also recommend the H2 it has all the capabilities you would need and it doesn't get much easier then this thing to record. It does allow recoding in 4 track or 2 tracks stereo with Wav or Mp3 format.

It may not give you CD quality recodings but the quality of sound and ease of use make this a winner in my book. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

I know there are other manufacturers liek Tascam and Sony that also market small hand held digital recorders and I have no idea how Zoom satcks up against those but this is good on it's own.

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I have the Boss Micro BR, and wouldn't be without it. I've used it to multitrack some of my own songs, with three layers of guitar, bass, drums vocal and guitar solo; I've used it to record orchestra rehearsals, and live concerts.

A :-)

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I also love my Micro BR. I've used it to record lots of practice songs and have found it to be very versatile.