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help with gear

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Hey folks,

Some of the old-timers here might remember me from a few years back. I took a LONG break from playing due to a head injury and resulting complications.

Anyway, I'm back to practicing and hoping to do more in the near future. But I've realized my gear is highly dated, and there are a few things I like to do. The things I know I'm keeping are the guitars, my polytone mini-brute amp, and my Mac. Everthing else is up in the air.

1) I am interested in upgrading my BOSS GT-8 multi-effects workhorse. While it stil produces great sound, it doesn't connect easily to the computer and I'd like something that does. I'd also like something that allows me to edit patches on the computer and download them to the pedal board, as well as naming them, arranging them in sets etc.

I'm looking at the Pod HD500x, the Pod HD500, the Boss GT-100, and so many others. Frankly, I'm overwhelmed and need some guidance.

2) I'd really really (really!) like to be able to start and stop music, backing tracks, whatever, from itunes and /or whatever software I'm using with a foot switch.

3) I'd also love to be able to slow down or speed up tracks (without detuning them) using a footswitch as well.

4) All the recording, studio stuff that's out there . . . I'm just overwhelmed!

I play everything from classical accoustic stuff to jazz, blues, classic rock and even a few metal tunes.

I'd really love some help building a useable practice/recording studio.

Any help, suggestions, reviews, pointers, etc will be greatly appreciated.


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Hey, I too am getting back into playing after being down for a while due to medical issues. I just got a POD HD Bean used upgrade to my POD XTLive. What I can tell you is is that modeling has advanced lightyears since the XT. Huge improvements in tone quality and a lot better computer editing software. Looper function is new to me and a great assest in playing. Can plug in mp3, but no way to slow it down. I can pause it through the mp3 device itself, but that's it for the bean. Not sure what your budget is, but as in most thing money solves the problem. Besides the ones you named may want to look at some higher end stuff. Kemper, axefx, eleven rack etc. Also a lot of pc software amp modeling to be had also. I've been looking at amplitube, but not sure if the money is going to get me much more then what I already have. At least what I would use anyway. It's a whole new world out there as far as digital processing goes i'm sure you'll find something to fit your needs. Good luck.

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