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How to put a click track onto a pre recorded backing track

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I was wondering what would be the best way to put a click track onto a pre recorded backing tracks.
I'm working in a four piece band and have loads of backing tracks from karaoke version. Is logic the best to do this kind of thing or is there any other software that could also do the job.

Also what would be the best way of syncing the tempos up.

Any help would be much appreciated

Ronny Montgomery

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This should be VERY doable with a DAW, like Logic as you mentioned.

I'm assuming you know the BPM of the backing track. Well, set your Logic project to that BPM.

Import your backing track audio file into a Logic project, and align it as best as you can to the grid (also set the project's time signature accordingly). You'll have to play with it here, trimming and nudging until you get the alignment just right. Turn on the metronome/click track (I believe you just set it up like any other instrument/plugin in its own track), so you can hear it as you play the backing track to make sure they are sync'd up.

Then, just flip on record on the click track, or lay down a MIDI track of some other percussion instrument or whatever you want to use as a metronome.

Finally, export the whole thing as a new wav/mp3/whatever. Sorry if that wasn't clear I'm typing fast but I hope you get the gist!