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How to record Acoustic Guitar videos

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Hi I have just posted part2 of How to record Acoustic guitar . You can download the tracks for the complete song from video 10 and mix it yourself. If you make a good job and are proud of your efforts send us your mix as a stereo MP3 and we will post it up on the site.

Have Fun


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I just had a look at a couple of the earlier vids. Looks good stuff.

Most of us here are amateur players, John. Many of us have a room set aside to play in but don't stretch to studio kits. When you're talking about studio kit would you be able to make a few suggestions around the lower end of the price ranges so that those of us who can't justify £500-600 for one mic can make some informed choices about what might make us sound decent at home.


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Hmm, a challenge... sounds like fun!!!

Love the vids by the way - picked up some great tips on phasing; and I've realised its definately time to change my strings!!!!

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Well, I'll lay my head on the chopping block. I put in my best shot for a half hour and was done with it. Sent it, then listened again and heard all kinds of problems. Maybe it's just my ears. I know one thing. I wish I could record base tracks that good to work with. I'm thinkin' it's three things: Nice mics, decent room, and of course talent. Those mics sound great.

Incidentally, I would really like to hear your criticism John. I'm not soft skinned. Lay in on my effort or lack of.