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Latency in cubase
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Latency in cubase

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Hello, hoping to get some help from the trusted crew at guitarnoise..

I have bought a external soundcard for my laptop and it's woking great... in all programs but the most important; cubase.
I don't know why but I get this delay (latency I guess) for all the input signals in cubase (even if I'm not recording). I don't really know what to do, I can't record songs properly if I can't hear my self singing in realtime:(

Any suggestions anyone?

peace in our time

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Which card and what version of Cubase?

First. Make sure you are using the correct ASIO. Not Multimedia or fullduplex. You need to be using the ASIO specific to your card. IE: Delta ASIO, M-Audio ASIO, Edirol ASIO, DIGI ASIO. If that does nothing, lower your audio buffers to something reasonable. 512kB is a reasonable buffer.

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What external "soundcard" do you have ?
If you don´t have a Soundcard specific ASIO2 driver, try the free Asio4All driver.
It might work.

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Yeah i had the same problem when i started using cubase. Then i downloaded the *free* asio driver Asio4All. it works wonders, and it was the only thing that fixed my latency problem. Just dont mess with the advanced settings, because if you don't know exactly what you're doing, you're sound will fall out of sync over time. I just had that problem and had to reinstall the driver.

do a google search for asio4all

good luck