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layered tidbits

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heya, iv got the music and lyrics for an EP ready to go, n il lay down the basics. but then i wanna layer it with thing that cds normally have, to give it a bit more life... could ppl maybe chip into a list of things that can be overlayed to spice it up a bit? thanking you!

piano riffs
sound effects (details?)
background sounds (traffic noises etc)

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* percussion -- shakers, cabasa, doumbek, tabla, tambourine, bongos, congas, roto-toms, talking drums, wood blocks -- COW BELL!
* Nashville tuned guitar: remove lower three strings (E A D) and replace with lighter gauge tuned an octave higher => chimey guitar
* synthesizer pad patches
* mando or banjo or uke
* clapping, stomping
* slide guitar of some sort

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