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List of Audacity settings....

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Hi people, been a while since I've recorded anything. This is a fairly new laptop....downloaded Audacity, but everything I've tried to record sounds like it's being played through a fuzzy speaker covered in mud, if that makes any sense. Does anyone have a full list of the best settings (on preferences?) for Audacity? Bit rates, float rates, I really need to adjust those settings for some demos....

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I'm not really sure Vic. When I used it it was pretty much plug and play. The guys here got me converted over to using Reaper. Free to evaluate for 30 days and then they apparently get you to pay for it with guilt. :lol: Could it be an issue with your mic level or input settings?

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Haven't used Audacity in a long while. What do your waveforms look like? Do they look right or like blocks?

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Mine has:

Sample rate: 44100Hz
Sample format 32-bit float
Real time conversion: Fast sinc interpolation - No dither
High quality conversion: High quality sinc interpolation - Shaped dither

I've never changed any of these settings.

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Vic, most laptops have a bult-in mike and speakers. Windows also has a recording software (in Accessories, I think). Try recording your voice via this route. It will tell you if the problem lies with audacity or the laptop.
If that is fuzzy, playing an mp3 will tell you if the speakers are OK.
Otherwise, that would leave the input path. If the voice recording through the standard software is OK, you can narrow the problem down to the Audacity settings or your connection between guitar and laptop.
Try recording your guitar, using the Windows recording software. May be laggy, but will tell you if the connection or Audacity is the problem.

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