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MIDI Sequencing from Cubase to Rack Unit

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Hi Everyone,

I desperately need some help here. I am quite new to MIDI, but I can't see what it is I am doing wrong. I have a TC Electronics VoiceWorks rack unit. I would like to control it's song mode parameters from Cubase. My backing track is in Cubase, and at certain points in the song I would like to be able to tell the VoiceWorks to step through it's song preset steps which will change the effects that are applied to it's input.

According to the manual, you can achieve this using a MIDI keyboard, but surely this is possible using the MIDI editors in Cubase? The manual has a complete reference stating which MIDI notes/channels map to which commands. But I don't even know where to start.

I have connected the MIDI-out from my Konnekt 8 sound device, into the MIDI-in on the VoiceWorks. But now what?

I have asked the TC support team, and I have received no answer.

Any help, or pointers or anything will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!