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Need help understanding guitar plugins and usb audio interfaces better

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Hey guys,

So i've been on the hunt for some new sound for a long time now, a few days a go my friend hits me up and tells me he's got this new software on PC that he uses called, BIAS FX that sounds really good. So i went ahead and took my brother's Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface and I got my guitar plugged into it as well as the USB from it, to my computer. I installed BIAS FX and then played a little with the audio settings to get things to work.
Now here i had a few options for audio devices which made some significant differences, and its behaviors are the reason are i'm writing this post right now :
Under the settings there was an option called "Audio Device type" Which had 3 options,
1) Windows Audio - This one i could plug my headphones to my computer and hear my guitar after its been applied the effects from the software right through my PC, and oh in the greatest quality of sounds i've ever thought i'd get to produce on my own!... BUT it had a serious delay which made it unplayable.. I've tried changing the buffer sizes and sample rates, all for nothing, didn't really change much..

2) DirectSound - This one I plugged my headphones to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2's output and it sounded eh, it had a lot of noise and weird stuff while I was playing.. really weird sounding and so far from what i would've liked it to be... BUT, Eliminated the delay completely and it was playable again

ASIO - Was basically the same as the DirectSound, Neh sounding but again, eliminated the delay

Now i'm here to ask you guys this:
My goal is to choose the Windows Audio setting and get this great sounding signal to react faster (Eliminate the delay), and also I do not understand the source of the problems.. if i think about what's going on in my setup I get this :
1) Guitar sends signal to USB Audio interface
2) USB audio interface sends signal to PC
3) PC + BIAS FX applies the effects onto the signal
4) It can now be either set to be heard from my PC or from my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

I'll be glad to get any help and explanation about the use of this, Is there a way then to use my PC as a guitar multi effect station using this effects software? and if there is a way then how do i minimize the delay? should there be delay at all?

My goal eventually is to use a software on my PC that will apply the effects and then hear the output coming from my PC itself, incase i want to use a backing track from youtube as i go ahead and play along, or even capture the sound and let my freinds hear it through all sorts of calling programs that can deliver it well enough.

Thank you guys a lot in advance! I'll be super happy to understand more about this and find a good way to use this properly!

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The delay you're getting sounds like what's known as Latency. To quote the Focusrite user guide, "latency will be the time it takes for your input signals to pass through your computer and audio software. Latency can be a problem for a performer who wishes to record while monitoring their input signals." You should be able to monitor your guitar from the pc's headphone jack without latency, but it has to be set up right. I had the same interface a year or so ago, but I used the headphone jack on that for monitoring. Check out the settings in this link.

If this doesn't solve your problem then get back to us here and we can dig some more.

A little more on latency:

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