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New: Manuals section in my Blog and other things

Tito Juan
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Hello, I have opened a section of Manuals in my Blog, I am going to upload everything,
things related to musical, technical, and other matters, everything that
It has helped me in my Project (recently awarded by the Huelva Provincial Council, amen of other small achievements at the International level) and that I consider can help others
In PDF format, it can be viewed there, with its own window to zoom,
bar to scroll down up, etc
I'm uploading in Spanish and English


At the moment we have:

1 Fundamental Guide to Playlists
2 Manual to Install Sales Store in your Blog with Hikashop

Cubase installation

Cubase New Project

Cubase Audio Recording

Cubase Midi Recording

Cubase Mixer and Effects

I also have video tutorials on my youtube channel for all levels

Browsing both sites you can see a thousand things, classified by themes:
Video performances of my songs
Video tutorials on music, humor, trailers, etc.
Playlist of my complete Albums
Guitar school section, theory and tablatures of some well-known songs

a greeting

21 Homegrown Albums, many different styles of Rock, Metal and fusions,
Composition and recording of all instruments, Production, Mastering and
arrangements, Merchandising Designs, etc = (Tito Juan)
I have played on radio stations in many countries together with bands
like Maiden, Metallica, Satriani, etc.
Soon I will be awarded by the Diputacion de Huelva (culture area)
Performances of my songs, videotutorials, Trailers comedy, Trailers official etc etc (Blog)