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New recording website for guitar

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Hi there. I would like to tell you about which I started last year as a free resource to anyone interested in recording music. It is based on the everyday experiences of two pro sound engineers from the UK with over 40 years experience between them. The MICROPHONES page has reviews of many of the mics we use on a daily basis in the studio and out on location with the mobile. There is a SESSIONS page where you can download all the tracks from recent sessions and mix them yourself in Cubase and finally there is also a RECORDING TIPS page where I intend to cover all the basics on how studio engineers tackle various instruments. The first one I have almost finished is RECORDING ACOUSTIC GUITAR and it takes you through the session in a series of video clips with John Spence who has made hundreds of albums here in the UK with such artists as the Happy Mondays and the legendary guitarist Bill Nelson.
I know it's a first post but he site isn't selling anything or linked to any retailer or manufacturer and is free to anyone. I hope you like it and pass on any comments.
Thanks John

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Looks great, John. 8)
Thanks for posting and welcome to GN!


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looks kewl, i'll check it out straight away.


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Just want to say thanks. You have an excellent site going. I really appreciate the stereo micing explainations. Well written and easy to understand. The acoustic guitar recording tips are also very well done. On first visit, I learned quite a bit and I've been a recording for more than 10 years now. Thanks so much. 8)